Intel 14th-gen Meteor Lake Architecture CPU with ARC Graphics, NPU

Intel’s 14th-Gen Meteor Lake CPU is an exciting new release that offers several improvements and features.

What is Intel 4 technology?

Intel 4 technology is an advanced CMOS FinFET technology introduced by Intel. It extends Moore’s law by offering 2X area scaling of the high-performance logic library and greater than 20% performance gain at iso-power over Intel 7. The scaled high-performance library offers a 50nm gate pitch30nm fin pitch, and 30nm minimum metal pitch

What is NPU (Neural Processing Unit)?

A Neural Processing Unit (NPU) is like a supercharged brain for your computer. Imagine it as a special chip that’s tailor-made to make artificial intelligence (AI) work even better.

This clever chip is optimized of doing complex math really, really fast, which is exactly what AI needs. It’s like the engine that makes AI smart.

Intel 14th-gen Meteor Lake Architecture CPU with ARC Graphics, NPU

NPU is capable of executing machine learning algorithms which runs on predictive model such as artificial neural networks (ANN) or random forests (RF).

They are well-partitioned circuits that comprise all the control and arithmetic logic components necessary to execute machine learning algorithms.

NPUs are designed to accelerate the performance of common machine learning tasks such as image classification, machine translation, object detection, and various other predictive models.

Intel 14th-gen Specs

  • Architecture: The 14th-Gen Meteor Lake CPU is built on Intel’s 7nm “Intel 4” technology.
  • AI Performance: It includes an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) for improved AI performance.
  • Core Count: The top-end Meteor Lake laptop chip is rumored to have 14 cores, including 6 performance cores and 8 efficiency cores. The top-of-the-line Meteor Lake desktop SKU is said to have up to 22 cores and 28 threads2.
  • Cache: The 14-core Meteor Lake chip reportedly has 14MB of L2 cache and 16MB of L3 cache. The 16-core variant appears to have 18MB of L2 cache and 24MB of L3 cache.
  • Clock Speed: The clock speed of the 14-core Meteor Lake chip is reported to be around 3.26 GHz.
  • Release Date: Intel hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the release date, but it’s expected to arrive between October 2023 and early 2024 as a Raptor Lake refresh.

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