Newly Released AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT and 7700 XT price and specification

Hey there, fellow gamers and tech enthusiasts! Hold onto your gaming chairs because AMD is back in the spotlight with a double whammy: the Radeon RX 7800 XT and 7700 XT GPUs. Yes, you read that right. These GPUs are like the superheroes of the gaming world, swooping in to save us from pixelated chaos and laggy nightmares.

You are well aware of that feeling when you’re game character suddenly freezes mid-air like a confused superhero? Well, say goodbye to those moments. The RX 7800 XT and 7700 XT are here to put the ‘P’ back in Performance. AMD promised that their babies will give you a steady 60+ frames per second at 1440p resolution, all while your enemies are struggling to keep up.

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Remember those times when you had to choose between a smooth gaming experience and bank-breaking bills? AMD is breaking that trend. These GPUs won’t put a hole in your wallet, with the new RX 7700 XT price which starts at $449 and the 7700 XT UK price (£354.19), the 7800 XT price at $499, and the 7800 XT UK price (£393.54). It’s like getting a VIP pass to the gaming world without having to sell your kidney.

RX 7700 XT and RX 7800 XT Price and Performance Battle

AMD has thrown a challenge to Nvidia with these new beasts. The RX 7700 XT has the $400 (£315.54) GeForce 4060 Ti shaking in its virtual boots, and the 7800 XT is here to give the $600 (£473.30) RTX 4070 a run for its money. Talk about bang for your buck, right? And that’s not all. You could have a whole Benjamin Franklin hanging out in your pocket while enjoying top-notch gaming.

RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT Specs

Now, let’s talk specs. The RX 7700 XT flexes its muscles with 12GB of GDDR6 memory and a 192-bit interface, pumping out 432GB per second of pure gaming joy. Impressive, Right? But wait, there’s more! The RX 7800 XT goes two more steps further with 16GB of memory, a 256-bit interface, and a whopping 624GB per second bandwidth. It’s like having a speedway for your game data.

Source: AMD
Source: AMD

RX 7700 XT and RX 7800 XT Graphics

AMD is bringing the magic with FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR 3) technology. Imagine AI creating new frames between existing ones, making your game buttery smooth. It’s like having a butler who predicts your every move. And for those pixel perfectionists, there’s the “Native Anti-Aliasing” mode, which sharpens graphics like a master chef’s knife.

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FSR 3 comparison
Source: AMD


So, when can you get your hands on these bad boys? Mark September 6th on your calendar as the AMD RX 7800 XT release date, because that’s when the RX 7800 XT and 7700 XT will be storming into the gaming scene. Get ready to redefine your gaming experience and leave lag in the dust.

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To sum it up, AMD is back in the ring with GPUs that bring top-notch performance to your screen without breaking your wallet. The gaming world is about to get a major upgrade, and we’re all invited to the party. So, gear up, gamers, because the RX 7800 XT and 7700 XT are here to take your gaming journey to the next level.

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