Antimalware company Malwarefox revealed in a blog that they found some apps to be malicious and should be deleted immediately from your Android phone.

Malicious apps include malware-filled programs like trojans, adware, spyware, etc.

The ultimate goal of these hackers is to attack your device, steal your data, and eventually hack your banking information.

Secondly, disseminate the malicious programs to other devices and users.

List 1 of the malicious apps are: 1. Agent Shooter 2. Rainbow Stretch 3. Rubber Punch 3D 4. Super Skibydi Killer 5. GazEndow Economic 6. MoneyMentor 7. TKF Program 8. FinancialFusion

List 2 of the malicious apps are: 1. Financial Vault 2. Invest Calculator 3. Eternal Maze 4. Jungle Jewel 5. Stellar Secret 6. Fire Fruit 7. Cowboy’s Frontier 8. Enchanted Elixir 9. Beauty Wallpaper HD 10. Love Emoji Messenger

If you have installed any of the apps on the list, then you are especially advised to uninstall them.